Welcome to The White Sock Company

The White Sock Company. What is it? Who are we? What are we here to accomplish? How are we helping the Community? Those are some of the questions we asked ourselves during the inception of the company. We would love to share the answers with you!

Style, to us, has always been about being unique. That is the wonderful thing about style, it expresses individuality. There are some popular trends that ebb and flow throughout time. Some of these trends go away and return, some never make the trip back to popularity, and a select few stand the test of time.

The White Sock Company - Established Nov 2017

What is the White Sock Company? Let me first give a little history on the premise of the idea. White dress socks. Who in their $&*#% minds would wear white dress socks? This is the preconceived notion on white dress socks. If you look at the evolution, dress socks started out as strictly black. Eventually, they moved on to earth tones and some patterns. Now, the popular trend is loud, obnoxious colors, as well as random patterns / words  as the design of the socks. There is nothing wrong with this as a once in a while gimmicky type of accessory. However, as a staple in your wardrobe, I am unsure how sustainable this is. With that being said, one key niche, one key idea is still missing from the sock market - White Dress Socks. Think about it, White / Pink / Blue / Yellow / Green pants have become very popular in the summer time. Sure black socks will match, but so will you as you blend in with many others. You can add the loud obnoxious colors and patters to your repertoire and risk not matching your outfit or placing added focus where it shouldn't be. White dress socks are the perfect solution to this conundrum. It adds uniqueness, individuality, style, avant garde thinking, while, at the same time, bringing your outfit together on a whole new level.

Who are we? We are a couple; a guy and girl who love style, fashion, standing out, and socks! The idea for the company came in the winter when we were getting ready for an event. We were looking through our closet and noticed the normal socks everyone else was wearing. It was a flaw to our ensemble. We were not doing our outfits the justice they deserved. White socks we thought! That's a real game changer.  

What are we looking to accomplish? The White Sock Company is here to try and disrupt the sock industry for the better. We are looking to build a family of customers who love our product, love our stance, love our humanitarian qualities, and love to stand out! We are  looking to challenge you to a few things: we are daring you to be different, daring you to be unique, and most importantly daring you to adopt our motto - Stand Out, Not In! It is easy to be a sheep and follow the heard. Standing out from the rest can lead to nothing but greatness.

How are we helping our community? In the late parts of 2016 and early portion of 2017 we received some awful news that some members in our family had become diagnosed with cancer. Being positive people, we knew our family would fight and not have to go through the journey alone. With every purchase, The White Sock Company will be donating 10% of all sales to Strong Little Souls, helping brighten the days of children fighting cancer. The donations are going towards fundraising for families, as well as trips, gifts, and care packages for children battling cancer. You can check them out on Facebook - Strong Little Souls.

If you like our stuff, let us know! We want to hear all sorts of feedback, the postives and the things we can improve upon. Share your pictures and stories with us via Instagram @thewhitesockco and on Facebook - The White Sock Company. Our blog will be publishing new posts bi - monthly. We look forward to meeting you, connecting, and growing!

Stand Out, Not In